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Time and Man power are said to be the two costliest things in the field of agriculture as they make the entire process very expensive. So many innovations are being made to make agriculture very easy and profitable. Among such innovations drones occupy a prominent place. Agricultural drones are very much useful for farmers in monitoring crop growth and allows to take necessary steps for increasing the production.

How does it work

Generally wing drones are used in agriculture field. These drones are slightly different from military and commercial use. Although the autonomous system is same Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Mid Mens , its equipments are modified to suit farming conditions.
As usual these drones can be run either by fuel or by electric charging with a remote controller.
Apart from these, the agricultural drones come up with sprayers to shower the pesticides. According to experts, these drones can spray 65 to 85 acres per a day. They also comprise of sensors with inbuilt software technology that can easily detect the diseases.
The sophisticated 3d cameras will provide exact information about irrigation, disease management Nike Air Force 1 Mid Mens Clearance , crop growth and weed management.
Recently more advanced drones have come up with some equipments such that, they can dig some pods for sowing the seeds also.


Agricultural robots are always advantageous compared to man power. It is always difficult for a man to go till the end of the field and examine the plants. Drones makes it easy with its image capturing technology.
Identifying of fungi or insects is very difficult in traditional farming. The farmers are not able to know until the entire field is affected. But the invention of agricultural drones has made it so easy that, farmers can simply sit at a place and know the affected area even if it is there at the corner of the field.
Earlier there was a chance of inappropriate irrigation for longer fields. With the help of agricultural drones, effective implementation of irrigation process is ensured. Very handy in analyzing soil health and survey the farm land. It is also very much useful in estimating flood risks.
Their usage is enormous in livestock Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Mid , chicken farmings.


The primary and temporary disadvantage of drones is, getting license from the government. As the chances are more to affect ones privacy, getting the license would not be that easy.
The size of the drones are massive and are very difficult to control. It is very tough to maintain same height while spraying the field there by resulting uneven showering. Especially in windy weather conditions the handling of drones is very difficult.
The available budgeted drones have less time span, they can only fly up to 20 to 60 minutes for every charge.
If you want all the sophisticated equipments Nike Air Force 1 Mid Clearance , you should spend huge amount which is not possible for medium budgeted and poor farmers.
For its remote control access, the online connectivity in rural areas may be difficult.
In some parts of India drones are banned temporarily but very soon this is going to be lifted. There are numerous companies offering drone systems at a reasonable rate. But mostly they are all come up with detection system only. If you want equipment's like sprayer, then you must spend little more.

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Myself Roopa working as an SEO Executive at Sree Alunno Tech Solutions. Our Company provides information about Modern technology,Cultivation methods and Farming techniques.

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